Vedant International Schools

Principal Message

Principal Message

Mrs. Jyoti M Shukla

A child is potentially the light of the world but can also be the cause of its darkness. And that is the role of education and that is why "Amongst the greatest of all great services that can possibly be rendered by a man to Almighty God, is the education of his children and this is our religion." A school is a building with four walls and tomorrow inside. The fundamental aim of setting up Vedanta is to provide holistic education that emphasizes high academic and social standards, promotes healthy life styles, cultivate critical thinking foster scientific temper and initiate desire for lifelong learning.

A child must be educated to such a degree so as to become God’s gift to mankind and a pride of the human race. Education is a continuous and creative process. The aim is to develop the capacity in human nature and to co-ordinate their expression for the enrichment and progress of society, by equipping children with spiritual, moral and material knowledge. Education must act as a powerful instrument for profound social transformation. Children are the only asset that the parents have.

For their selfless love, nurturing care and tireless labour, all that parents expect in return is love and respect during their old age. Don't you think our children should be better equipped with the art of self discipline to meet this challenge? I think discipline is a misunderstood word. If we ponder over the efficacy of the age old maxim "Spare the rod and spoil the child." Give a thought as to how to hold the rod. If the rod is planted along the side of a plant (here child). It helps the plant to grow straight and prosper.

Only in this respect, does the above maxim hold its true value. Discipline is the back bone of successful educational processes. But discipline and corporal punishments are divorced faculties; otherwise criminals who undergo severe physical punishments would become the best citizens of the country. Only necessary discipline that is self discipline or self control that can only be achieved by support from parents in particular, society in general because they will be the real beneficiaries if they cooperate with educational institutions to produce disciplined citizens. A lot depends upon how closely you monitor what he is being taught (School, neighbourhood and home). To achieve this, the society on its part must restore the traditional role of teachers as transmitters of morality, builders of character and custodian of culture. The teacher must enjoy the support of greater community, a respect that flows logically from recognizing the teacher’s true station. The teachers on their part should practice patterns of behaviour that create a climate of encouragement in the classroom. They should relinquish the idea that they are the fountain heads of knowledge rather they form a partnership with their students in a shared learning process demonstrating that they too are learners. This idea has a liberating effect on the students as it helps them to see themselves as directors of their own learning and or individuals, who can determine the course their lives will take.

With all the above said, please, help us to polish your diamond and purify your gold.