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Event - No T.V. Day

No T.V. Day

"Logic will get you from
Imagination will take you everywhere."
Imagination is the beginning of creation.You imagine what you desire,you will desire what u imagine,and at last,you create what you will imagine.
Supporting this thought we at Vedant International school have introduced a new concept named as" NO TV DAY".Wherein we have encouraged our children not to watch tv for a day.Instead of watching tv and spending time doing nothing,the students can give a raise to their creativity by making wonderful things with the things of daily use.We are glad to inform that the parents of V.I.S have supported us immensely and also their children with this amazing concept and have taken initiatives in helping their ward in making extraordinary things.The students have turned up with things beyond our imagination and were very happy as it was displayed in the assembly.We at V.I.S thank you for all the support and seek your cooperation for the upcoming concepts.
Thank you.

Date / Time : 24/08/2016
Place : Ahmedabad

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