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Event - Trip to an old age house

Trip to an old age house

On 28 November as a part of our curriculum _____ our school organized a visit to a senior citizen home. Which was at Maninagar , Ahmedabad. It was perhaps first time for many of our students to visit an old age home. The moment we entered the inmates were very hospitable & friendly to us .They welcomed us with their beautiful smiles. When we entered inside the home we all got wrapped in the tranquility surrounding the home. Soon we meet a lady, care taker of the home she led us to a big hall where we all met each other. She introduced them to us. We had planned to entertain them by playing games & singing songs. Soon they started calling us & made us to relish the food items. It was all emotional but fun at the same time as our motive was to share quality time with them which we did we had some photographs & finally the time came to say good bye to them. We left old age home with a sordid image of society in our mind so who is this society it’s me & we all. Let’s change and bring a change in the society.

Date / Time : 28/11/2013
Place : Ahmedabad

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